Electricity tariffs to help you save

To save on your bill, it is essential to choose a tariff that suits your needs and consumption habits. With Escandinava de Electricidad you can choose the tariff that best suits you:

If you want to contract our rates, you can call us for free on 900 373 681 (from Spain) or +34 931 845 583 (international). Or if you prefer, leave us your phone and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

    Transparent Tariff

    Energy at market price + € 0,01 / kWh plus € 3,90 monthly fee

    Your energy at the same price we bought it, plus € 0,01 per kWh and a small fee of € 3.90 per month.

    Save the most with our spot tariff.

    Promotion Tariff

    Electricity at fixed price with 3-period discrimination and a 10% discount for 1 year

    With the Promotion Tariff, you will have energy at a fixed price with hourly discrimination of 3 periods (Peak, Flat and Off-Peak). You will also enjoy 10% discount on energy for 1 year*.
    Limited offer until July 31 2021.

    Fixed Tariff

    Energy with hourly discrimination and stable prices

    Our tariff with fixed prices for energy in the 3-periods discrimination: Peak, Flat and Off-Peak.

    Your electricity without surprises.

    Be more sustainable with our Responsible Energy service

    logo Save The MedNow with your electricity contract you can do much more than have electricity at home or in your company. You can help improve environmental sustainability through our Responsible Energy service. Joining it, you choose to take care of the planet with 100% solar energy and, in addition, you will collaborate with an environmental initiative: protecting the biodiversity of the Mediterranean sea, through our support to the Save The Med foundation.

    Join the Responsible Energy! For a better and cleaner future

    • 100% solar energy certified by the CNMC
    • You help taking care of the planet
    • Add it to all our tariffs
    • Only €2.90 per month
    • No commitment time

      What do our customers say?

      “I’ve been with Escandinava de Electricidad for a year. I am very happy with them, I receive all the invoices by e-mail on time and I can conduct all the procedures in English.”

      Stuart, Alicante

      “Mi padre es muy mayor y desde que estamos con Escandinava de Electricidad no hemos tenido ningún problema. El personal de atención al cliente es muy atento y nos resuelven cualquier duda en la misma llamada. Gracias por el trato ofrecido a mi padre, desde entonces estoy más tranquila.”

      Begoña, Valencia

      “He recomendado Escandinava de Electricidad a mis amigos ya que me ahorro un 15% respecto a mi anterior compañía. Las facturas son simples, claras y sin sorpresas. No me han intentado añadir ningún servicio de mantenimiento, cosa que agradezco ya que en las anteriores compañías he tenido este problema.”

      Cristina, Madrid

      “El cambio a Escandinava de Electricidad fue muy rápido y la chica de atención al cliente me explicó muy bien qué tenía que hacer para cambiarme. Desde que estoy con vosotros he notado un gran ahorro en mi factura de la luz.”

      Sara, Barcelona