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1. How can I change to Escandinava de Electricidad?

We are a responsible, honest company and we ensure you make savings. Our conditions are clear and you do not have to agree to any kind of minimum time commitment with us.


Our tariffs are normally up to 15% cheaper than those of larger companies.

Yes! In Spain, anyone can switch to Escandinava de Electricidad, regardless of where their supply is located. Only exceptions are Ceuta and Melilla in Africa. It’s very easy: you can do it on this website, by email and by phone.

Switching to Escandinava de Electricidad is very simple. You can fill out the application form on our website or you can send your latest invoice, a copy of your ID/passport, NIE and your bank account number to us at: contrato@escandinavaelectricidad.es

Of course! You can choose both capacity and tariff when switching to us. Any later changes can be emailed to contrato@escandinavaelectricidad.es or by calling (+34) 900 373 681 or 931 845 583.

Downsizing capacity costs around 11 EUR each time. Upscaling costs about 45 EUR per 1 kW + 11 EUR. The prices include VAT and the amounts are charged by the local grid owner.


No. We take care of everything. Of course, you must check whether you have any maintenance services and/or insurances with your current company because if you do, we are not authorized to cancel it/them.

No. Switching to Escandinava de Electricidad is completely free.

Never. This is guaranteed by law. Your previous company and Escandinava de Electricidad will agree to carry out the change and we will notify you when it has been done.

Once the request is sent to your distributor, the change usually takes 5 to 20 days. We will notify you when it has been confirmed.

Never! One of the main advantages of Escandinava de Electricidad is that we do not offer any type of minimum contract term. We work hard every day to keep satisfied.

Your previous company will only bill you until the day the switch is made. However; before changing, check you that you do not have any additional service contracts and/or insurances.

Your distributor will do it, just as before. If you want, you can also provide us with your reading by e-mail to: clientes@escandinavaelectricidad.es, or by calling the toll free number 900 373 681 or +34 931 845 583.

No, you do not have to modify your installation in any way when switching your electricity company.

Of course! You can choose both capacity and tariff when switching to us. Any later changes can be emailed to contrato@escandinavaelectricidad.es or by calling (+34) 900 373 681 or 931 845 583.

Downsizing capacity costs around 11 EUR each time. Upscaling costs about 45 EUR per 1 kW + 11 EUR. The prices include VAT and the amounts are charged by the local grid owner.

Both companies and individuals can contract their electricity with Scandinavia Electricity.

No! Your meter will remain the property of your distribution company regardless of who your current supplier is.

Of course you can! Call us and tell us what you need: electricity for your home, your business, your second home … We will take care of all the arrangements and also make sure you save on your electricity bills.

Our customers save up to 15% on their energy bills, according to their supply characteristics and the contracted tariff.

To be able to make a new connection, you must provide a copy of the Electrical Installations Certificate (CIE) or Electrical Installations Recognition Certificate (BRIE) along with a copy of your ID Card/Passport

We will not charge you anything, but your distribution company will invoice the following items through our company:
– Access fee: € 19.70 + IVA/IGIC for each kW requested
– Increase fee: € 17.37 + IVA/IGIC for each kW requested
– Connection fee: € 9.04 + IVA/IGIC for each intervention

2. I am already a Escandinava de Electricidad customer.

Invoices are sent by email or post. We recommend that you choose email. In addition to receiving your invoice on the day it is issued, you will contribute to preserving the environment.

That depends on whether your billing period is monthly or bi-monthly. As for the day, it will vary depending on when you send your distribution company’s meter reading. From 2019, everybody will be billed monthly.

Your invoice shows the due date, which is the date on which you will see your bank account has been charged. If you have chosen a fixed payment date, your bill will be collected on the chosen date regardless of the due date.

We are here to help you! You can call us at the toll free number (+34) 900 373 681 or +34 931 845 583 or send us an email to: clientes@escandinavaelectricidad.es. We will be happy to answer your questions.

If you have a remotely-managed meter, your actual consumption will be billed. If, on the other hand, you have an analogue meter, it will depend on whether your distributor has read your meter or whether you have provided the reading yourself. Of not, the distributor will have to provide an estimated reading.

Yes. You can send your meter reading by emailing it to: clientes@escandinavaelectricidad.es or by calling us on the toll free number  (+34) 900 373 681 or +34 931 845 583.


The invoice is broken down into the following items:

  • Power: this is a fixed cost, independent of how much you consume. The power is calculated by multiplying the number of days of the billing period by the power contracted and by the price of the power (the cost of the access toll plus the marketing margin cost)
  • Energy: this is what you pay for what you have consumed. The number of kWh that appear on your bill is the difference between your last reading and your current reading. Your consumption is calculated by multiplying the kWh consumed by the price per kWh (the cost of the access toll, plus the marketing margin cost)
  • Equipment Rental: this is the price charged by your distribution company for using the meter. If you own your meter, they will not invoice you for it.
  • Electricity Tax: this is a tax regulated by the Government. It is applied on the sum of the energy and the power, multiplying both by 1.0511269632.
  • VAT: depends on your geographical area: if the supply is on the peninsula or the Balearic Islands, this tax rate is currently 21%. If you are in the Canary Islands, this will be 3% on energy, power and electricity tax, and 7% on equipment rental.

From June 1, 2021, the supplies with power up to 15kW have access toll 2.0TD with hourly discrimination of 3 periods: peak, flat and off-peak. Each of these periods has a different price for energy. Learn more about each one:

  • Peak time: Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This is the most expensive time slot, so we recommend that you reduce electricity consumption as much as possible during these hours. Avoid using the appliances with higher electricity consumption during this period, to control the cost of your bill.
  • Flat time: Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 10:00, from 14:00 to 18:00 and from 22:00 to 00:00. In this period, energy has an average price
  • Off-peak time: Monday to Friday, from 00:00 to 08:00 and 24 hours, Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays. Electricity is much cheaper in this period, so we recommend that you carry out those activities that require greater electricity consumption within these hours (such as using the washing machine, the dryer, the dishwasher or the oven).

3. Other frequent questions

We will not charge you anything for changing your power and tariff, but your Grid company will.

Power reduction: You will only have to pay the connection fee (€ 9.04 + VAT / IGIC)

Power increase: You have to make sure that your certificate is up to date and can bear the new, increased power. If not, you must request a Electrical Installations Certificate (Spanish abbreviation: CIE) or Electrical Installations Inspection Certificate (Spanish abbreviation: BRIE). An authorised electrician can issue these. The costs related to the power increase will be:

– Increase fees: € 17.37 + VAT / IGIC per additional kW requested

– Connection fees: € 19.70 + VAT / IGIC per additional kW requested

Change of tariff: If you have standard power, the cost will be € 9.04 + VAT / IGIC for connection rights. If your power is not standard, you must have the power adjusted to make the change.

Of course! As long as your Electrical Installations Certificate (CIE) or Electrical Installations Recognition Certificate (BRIE) is under 20 years old, you can make any type of contractual modification. Send us the details of the new holder by e-mail to: info@scandinavaelectricidad.es, so we can send you the new contract.

No. We can not offer you the Social Tariff. For this you have to go to one of the reference marketers.

In principle, the distributors are in charge of solving the problems with the supply but, if in doubt, contact us! We will help you resolve your doubts and we will advise you what you can do.

Below are the fault telephones of all distributors. You can also find this information on your invoice.

Endesa Distribución:
900 850 840 (Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia, Castilla la Mancha)
900 848 900 (Aragon, Castilla y León, Navarra, La Rioja y C.Valenciana)
800 760 706 (Catalonia)

Iberdrola Distribución:
900 171 171

Unión Fenosa Distribución:
900 111 999
900 111 444

Hidrocantábrico Distribución:
900 907 001

Viesgo Distribución:
900 118 866

The Spanish electricity bill is one of the most expensive in Europe. However, we can adopt very simple habits in our daily life to consume energy more responsibly and reduce your electricity bills.

By adopting responsible measures, many households could reduce their total energy consumption by at least 10% a year, which would have a positive effect both on the environment and on their savings.

Here are some tips

This happens because you have not yet activated the telematic reading of the new smart meter. On January 1, 2019 is the deadline for activating automatic reading in all domestic meters, so the estimated readings will end soon.

Power is shown in kW on the electricity bill and is divided into sections for regulated access rights to the network, with fixed prices established by the government. To understand what power is, imagine that you have to rent a car to take your child to school. You would not rent a lorry to do that, would you? It’s the same at home: you only rent as much as you need so you don’t pay over the odds.

Our customers save up to 15% on their energy bills, according to their supply characteristics and the contracted tariff.

The CIE or electric certificate is a document that certifies the technical suitability and good condition of the electrical installation in homes. It is valid for 20 years and it is mandatory to have it in force in both new and old buildings.

In accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1085/2015, of December 4, you can find information and recommendations on energy efficiency through different official organizations in Spain, such as the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) and the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE). In addition, you can also contact the competent official organizations of your Autonomous Community.
Information on energy efficiency from the CNMC
• On the websites: https://www.cnmc.ess and here.here.
• By phone: 914 329 600
Information on energy efficiency from the IDAE
• On the web: https://www.idae.es
• By phone: 913 146 673
• By email: citizen@idae.es
• By postal mail:  Madera 8, 28004, Madrid (Spain)

You have the right to withdraw from your contract with Escandinava de Electricidad within a maximum period of 14 calendar days from the date of the contract. If you have consumed electricity during that period, you must pay for the energy consumed. If the power has been modified, or extension or coupling in the event of a new supply, you must also pay the costs passed on by the distributor. To withdraw from your contract you must send a letter to Escandinava de Electricidad S.L.U, Floridablanca, 66, Local 9 F, 08015 Barcelona or fill out the withdrawal form that you can download here and send it by email to clientes@escandinavaelectricidad.es.

What do our customers say?

“I’ve been with Escandinava de Electricidad for a year. I am very happy with them, I receive all the invoices by e-mail on time and I can conduct all the procedures in English.”

Stuart, Alicante

“Mi padre es muy mayor y desde que estamos con Escandinava de Electricidad no hemos tenido ningún problema. El personal de atención al cliente es muy atento y nos resuelven cualquier duda en la misma llamada. Gracias por el trato ofrecido a mi padre, desde entonces estoy más tranquila.”

Begoña, Valencia

“He recomendado Escandinava de Electricidad a mis amigos ya que me ahorro un 15% respecto a mi anterior compañía. Las facturas son simples, claras y sin sorpresas. No me han intentado añadir ningún servicio de mantenimiento, cosa que agradezco ya que en las anteriores compañías he tenido este problema.”

Cristina, Madrid

“El cambio a Escandinava de Electricidad fue muy rápido y la chica de atención al cliente me explicó muy bien qué tenía que hacer para cambiarme. Desde que estoy con vosotros he notado un gran ahorro en mi factura de la luz.”

Sara, Barcelona