Save on the electricity
bill of your business
with renewable and
cheaper energy

We eliminate unnecessary expenses and optimize the
consumption of your company, adapting the energy
supply to your real needs.

Responsible energy for companies

We are a Scandinavian energy company, based in Barcelona and we have been offering electricity to companies and individuals throughout Spain, since 2008.

As a company of Scandinavian spirit and character, we promote transparency, ethics, functionality and ecology in our actions. We work every day to make electricity more easily understandable and accessible to all and also more respectful with the environment.


Committed to transparency, savings and sustainability

We believe in transparency and simplicity when managing energy and, therefore, our contracts do not have minimum time commitment or extra services. Our tariffs are clear and have no hidden clauses. We offer competitive prices, with savings of up to 15% compared to other companies. We study customers’ bills and always try to optimize their electricity supply to maximize economic and energy savings.

We are committed to transparency, savings and sustainability That is why we offer responsible energy, from renewable sources with a CNMC certificate. We are very aware of the environmental and social impact of our activity and, therefore, we work with our clients to promote a new energy that approaches the economy, society and the environment responsibly.

Towards 100% green energy

Sustainability is part of our DNA: we believe that renewable energies are the way to guarantee the future of the planet. That is why our company works to promote the use of 100% green energy and spread its benefits.

We believe in sustainability and transparency
We support saving and energy efficiency
We believe that the energy of the future is green
Because our energy is certified by the CNMC as 100% renewable

    At Escandinava de Electricidad we process your personal data to send you commercial information about our energy offer. We remind you that you can exercise your data protection rights at any time. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

    What do our customers say?

    “I’ve been with Escandinava de Electricidad for a year. I am very happy with them, I receive all the invoices by e-mail on time and I can conduct all the procedures in English.”

    Stuart, Alicante

    “Mi padre es muy mayor y desde que estamos con Escandinava de Electricidad no hemos tenido ningún problema. El personal de atención al cliente es muy atento y nos resuelven cualquier duda en la misma llamada. Gracias por el trato ofrecido a mi padre, desde entonces estoy más tranquila.”

    Begoña, Valencia

    “He recomendado Escandinava de Electricidad a mis amigos ya que me ahorro un 15% respecto a mi anterior compañía. Las facturas son simples, claras y sin sorpresas. No me han intentado añadir ningún servicio de mantenimiento, cosa que agradezco ya que en las anteriores compañías he tenido este problema.”

    Cristina, Madrid

    “El cambio a Escandinava de Electricidad fue muy rápido y la chica de atención al cliente me explicó muy bien qué tenía que hacer para cambiarme. Desde que estoy con vosotros he notado un gran ahorro en mi factura de la luz.”

    Sara, Barcelona