Tips to save on electricity at your second home

ahorrar luz en la segunda residencia

Having a second residence for vacation is ideal. But this implies assuming fixed expenses, such as the electricity bills. In this post we are giving you some tips to help you save on electricity at your second home.


At first sight, cancelling the electricity supply of your second home when you are not using it may seem to be the best option. But do not even think about doing it! If you don’t have a binding period with your electricity company, it is true that it is a simple and free procedure. But it is not the most advisable solution. The reason: when you want to settle back in your summer house you will have to re-register the supply and the cost can be much higher than what you would have saved. You can checl here what is the cost of registering a new electricity supply.


Follow the 4R rule to save electricity at your second home

Then if cancelling the electricity supply is not an option, are there other alternatives? The answer is yes. In this post you can find some ideas to reduce the electricity bill of your second home. And you will not need to cancel the supply. You just have to apply the 4R rule: Review your electricity tariff and change to a more appropriate one if it is too expensive; Reduce the contracted capactiy; Reject added services on your bill  and Reduce the price per kWh.


Review your electricity tariff

Our first advice is that you review your electricity tariff and if it does not help you save, then look for a more appropriate one. If you use your second home only at weekends, it pays to switch to a time-discriminatory tariff with different prices for energy, according to the period of use: more expensive in the Peak period and 50% cheaper in the Off-peak period, which includes weekends and national holidays.


Reduce the capacity

Another useful tip to lower the electricity bill of your second home is to reduce the capactiy. This is one of the fixed costs on your bill. So if you can adjust it down, you will surely save! If you have more than 4.6 kW, perhaps you can lower it to 3.3 or even 2.3 kW if you do not use many appliances at the same time. To know how to adjust the capactiy, avoiding going over or falling short, we advise you to read our post on capacity. Keep in mind that you must pay a fee of € 10.94 to reduce it.


Reject added services

There is nothing that makes your electricity bill more expensive than insurance or maintenance fees. Check it carefully and call your company to cancel this type of service. You will see how your monthly savings increas, without reducing your consumption. At Escandinava de Electricidad we do not include additional costs that you do not want on your bill.


Reduce the price per kWh

Another good option to save on your electricity bill is to reduce the price you pay per kWh. At Escandinava de Electricidad we have different types of tariffs, with fixed price and spot price so that you can choose the one that better suits you.  We offer you 100% renewable energy without binding period with all of them.


Do you need further help to save on electricity at your second home? Contact us! At Escandinava de Electricidad we help you optimize your supply so that you pay less for energy. Send us a recent electricity bill by WhatsApp at 648 506 583 or by email to and we will advise you how to reduce it.




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Sara, Barcelona


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